Hyerim, Shin Min Cheol / Photos: Ten Asia DB, Instagram

According to recent reports, former Wonder Girls member Hyerim has confirmed that she is currently in a relationship with taekwondo athlete Shin Min Cheol.

A source from Hyerim’s management agency, rrr Entertainment, revealed to Ten Asia on the 14th that “it is true that Hyerim is dating Shin Min Chul.” 

After being introduced through a mutual acquaintance, their relationship developed into something more, and the two have been dating for the past seven years. 

Hyerim will be giving viewers a peek into her dating life on MBC’s new variety show Don’t Be Jealous. According to the source from the singer/actress’s agency, the episode featuring the couple will be airing in April.

Shin Min Cheol is a graduate of Kyung Hee University’s taekwondo department and currently holds the managing director position of Mirme Taekwondo, an extreme taekwondo group and training center. Shin is a well-known figure in the world of taekwondo for being a pioneer in extreme taekwondo, which combines taekwondo moves and music. He is a highly skilled athlete who has taken part in the national taekwondo demo team and the K-Tigers, and he is also a former captain of the Kukkiwon’s (also known as the World Taekwondo Headquarters) demo team.

Ever since joining the Wonder Girls in 2010, Hyerim has not once made any mention of being involved in a romantic relationship. For that reason, the recent news has garnered both surprise and a great deal of support from her fans. 

Following the disbandment of the Wonder Girls in 2017, Hyerim turned her focus to individual projects and her studies. After the conclusion of her contract with JYP Entertainment this past January, she signed with rrr Entertainment, a newly-formed management agency founded by fellow ex-Wonder Girls member Yubin. 

All eyes will be on Hyerim, who is looking to get a new start on her career while under a new agency, as she shares details about her relationship with the world after keeping it under wraps over the years.