Kang Daniel / Photo: Konnect Entertainment

Singer Kang Daniel’s Daum fan cafe, God Daniel, recently made a donation of 1.32 million won (approx. USD 10,742) to World Vision, to celebrate the idol star’s comeback. 

On March 24, Kang Daniel’s fans celebrated the release of the star’s first EP, CYAN, by making a heartfelt contribution to a worthy cause.

The 1.32 million won donation made by the fan cafe will go towards funding 235 World Vision food kits for food-insecure children. 

The food kits consist of instant rice, prepackaged foods, and side dishes, and will be delivered to economically disadvantaged children whose livelihoods have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The fans also sent a message of support that said: “We hope this can be of some help to [the children] so they can overcome [this adversity].”

In response to the fans’ generosity, World Vision stated, “We thank Kang Daniel’s Daum fan cafe, God Daniel, for their substantial contribution. The donation will be used to make a profound difference.”