Yoon Eun Hye on ‘Radio Star’ / Photo: MBC screenshots

Former Baby V.O.X member Yoon Eun Hye finally came back from her three-year variety show hiatus to make an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star. 

On the episode of Radio Star that aired on March 25, Eun Hye revealed that she drank on a regular basis at the age of 29 due to having insomnia. 

She then decided to give up drinking altogether, overcame her insomnia, and changed her daily patterns.

“Since I naturally stopped going out drinking, I haven’t had a drink or dated in eight years,” Eun Hye said. “I’m not lonely, and I have no one to meet. I’m always at my agency, so I just chat away with the CEO, who’s like my mom.”

“No one ever hits on me, and no one even asks for my number,” she added.

Yoon Eun Hye, who made her debut as a singer in her teens and crossed over into the world of acting, has her own methods for taking care of her mental health.

“I listen to good music and cry. When something upsetting happens, I tend to just let it out. When I’m really upset, I cry three to four hours, and on average, I cry for about 30 minutes,” she explained.

After debuting as a member of Baby V.O.X in 1999, Eun Hye made a name for herself on a number of different variety shows and earned the nickname “Strong Girl.” 

“I have weak bones, but I’m really strong. Even Kang Ho Dong complimented [my strength],” she said.

“After I started working in dramas, I had a hard time because of my image.  I even asked if the whole ‘Strong Girl’ thing was okay. I was embarrassed for about two to three years because of that title,” Eun Hye explained. 

After being involved in a design plagiarism controversy following an appearance on a Chinese variety program in 2015, Eun Hye stayed out of the spotlight for a few years and then made her return to the small screen via the 2018 drama Love Alert. While talking about making her comeback to variety television, the actress said she decided to come on Radio Star because she wanted to “overcome her trauma.”