Jeon So Min / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Actress Jeon So Min will be taking the next month off from TV work to restore her health.

On April 2, a source from the actress’s management agency, Entertainment I.M, told Ten Asia, “We think So Min overexerted herself, and her fatigue built up. Although she doesn’t have any major problems, she will need to take about a month off from work to regain her health.” The source continued, “She did get tested for COVID-19 since it’s something one needs to be cautious about nowadays, but it’s not COVID. Doctors advised that she take enough time off to get sufficient rest, so she has decided to fully commit herself to the restoration of her health for the next month.” 

SBS’s Running Man, which So Min is a regular cast member on, immediately agreed to give her a month off and urged her to devote herself to getting rested. “We sought understanding from the producers of Running Man. Thankfully, they were very understanding, and they readily complied with our request,” said So Min’s rep. “The producers and Jeon So Min’s agency came to an agreement to have So Min take a break for about a month,” revealed a source from Running Man. They added, “Jeon So Min’s break from the show started with this week’s recording, but we do have footage left of her that was previously recorded.”

Since joining the Running Man cast in April 2017, Jeon So Min has become a viewer favorite through her vivacious charm and wit. She also became a published author in January when she released a book of essays titled, You Can Call Me After a Drink