Singer Jeon Somi / Photos: Screenshots from ‘I Am Somi’ on The Black Label’s YouTube channel

Singer Jeon Somi has proven that she was born to be an idol star by baring her makeup-free face on her reality show, I Am Somi. 

On April 11, episode three of I Am Somi, titled “Look Inside My Homelife,” was unveiled via the official YouTube channel of Somi’s label, The Black Label. 

The young singer revealed her bare face and vanity for the first time on the third episode. Viewers got the chance to see Somi looking as beautiful as ever, even without her makeup which she washed off during the episode, as well as her impressive collection of cosmetics, which completely filled up every drawer of her vanity. 

The idol star also showed a different side of herself by putting her cooking skills on display while making a healthy dish. “Today, I’ll show you a dish you can make without an oven or stove,” Somi said before expertly cutting up various vegetables and fruit to make naengmyeon with konjac noodles.  

Viewers also got the opportunity to check out Somi buying her first lottery ticket, in commemoration of becoming an adult. “This is so much fun. Is this how adults play?” she asked. Somi then went on to jokingly say, “If I win, I’m going off the grid.” 

Jeon Somi’s YouTube reality show, I Am Somi, which shows her everyday life as a 20-year-old idol star, has become an undeniable hit, as evidenced by the show’s second episode (“Driving My Dream Car!”) surpassing one million views in no time. New episodes of I Am Somi, which shows Somi’s unique and straightforward charm, are uploaded every Saturday night at 10 p.m. (KST).