Yu Jae Seok / Photo: Ten Asia DB

TV personality Yu Jae Seok recently donated 50 million won to help provide menstrual products for teenage girls from low-income families. 

“Teenage girls in welfare blind spots are still in great need of donations of menstrual products,” said G Foundation CEO Park Chung Kwan. “We thank Mr. Yu Jae Seok for his contribution, which will go towards the healthy development of teenage girls.” 

Yu’s donation will go towards purchasing menstruation kits, which will be delivered to low-income teens by the G Foundation. The kits consist of a six-month supply of menstrual pads, feminine wash, a pouch, and a handwritten letter of support.

Yu Jae Seok has consistently donated to various causes since his debut in the entertainment industry. Over the years, he has made financial contributions to low-income single mothers, economically disadvantaged families who are the hardest hit by COVID-19, and others in need.