BTS’s Suga / Photo: Screenshot from YouTube channel BANGTANTV

BTS member Suga recently showed off his painting skills to his fans via the YouTube channel BANGTANTV, saying that he “wanted to take on a new challenge.”

Suga was the second member to put out new content on behalf of the group after RM, who announced on the 17th that BTS would be “revealing [their] everyday lives.”

BTS’s Suga / Photos: Screenshots from YouTube channel BANGTANTV

Donning an apron and standing in front of a large drawing board, Suga began painting for the livestream. “Painting makes me feel at ease. I just go where my hands take me, which is similar to what I do when I make music,” Suga explained. “I feel like this is going to become a good hobby.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to finish in an hour,” said Suga. “I’ll upload the completed painting to Twitter or Weverse after I’m done.”

The idol star also made sure to give the fans an update on BTS. “We’ve started working on the new album,” he said. “We discussed it among ourselves, and we’ve decided who’s going to be in charge of visuals, music, and so on. A video on that will be revealed soon.”

Following RM, Suga took his turn to introduce a new hobby and shared a bit of his daily life with the fans for approximately an hour.