Jang Sung Kyu / Photo: Jang Sung Kyu’s Instagram account @jangsk83

Host and television personality Jang Sung Kyu welcomed his second son into the world on April 26.

Jang uploaded a photo of himself with his newborn son with the description: “Meeting my second angel on 20/4/26 16:02. Thank you for being born as my son. Are you ready to have fun with your big brother Ha Jun and your mom and dad? Oh, by the way, don’t forget to say hi to all the aunties and uncles here. Wink♡ #Son #I’ll love you #no matter what.”

The photo captures a beautiful moment between father and son, as Jang Sung Kyu can be seen holding his brand new baby boy. 

Jang Sung Kyu got married to his wife in 2014, when he was working as an announcer for JTBC.