Singer Song Ga In / Photo: Song Ga In’s Instagram account @songgain_

Singer Song Ga In has taken part in the Thanks To You challenge, a social media campaign wherein South Koreans show their support for the healthcare workers battling on the front lines against COVID-19.

The trot singer posted a message to Instagram on the 23rd that read: “I, Song Ga In, will also root for you! To all the healthcare workers working hard against COVID-19, thank you. I respect and love you. Let’s go, Korea!”

In the photo that accompanies the message, Song Ga In is wearing a white cardigan and her signature angelic smile while offering her support for the frontline workers fighting COVID-19.

The Thanks To You challenge was started by the government as a way for the public to express its gratitude and support for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who are on the front lines against COVID-19. Along with Song Ga In, the government has nominated other well-known figures, such as singer BoA and figure skater Kim Yu Na, for the challenge.

Celebrities nominated by Song Ga In for the challenge include comedienne Park Na Rae, singer Kim Heechul, and the singing duo H&D (Hangyul, Dohyon).