Kiim Dong wan / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan has issued a warning to the person who recently trespassed on his property.

Kim’s management agency, Office DH, posted a message on their social media account on the 23rd that read: “There is a person who has been showing up at Kim Dong Wan’s residence since the summer of last year. After making attempts to placate this person and reporting them to the police, they didn’t show up for a while. However, today, they went as far as jumping over the fence and coming up to his front door. Up until this point, they had stayed outside the fence, but since they came over the fence today, it is indisputably a case of trespassing. If anyone out there knows this person that keeps coming over, please dissuade them from doing something like this again.”

They continued, “Kim Dong Wan’s residence is his own private space where he can rest without being bothered by others, and it is a precious place where he can recharge. We ask everyone to please never visit the home of an artist.”

Kim Dong Wan is currently starring in his first play, Lungs. He is also awaiting the premiere of his new movie, The Pansori Singer (directed by Cho Jung Rae), which is set to be released in June.