Rain / Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) showed off his toned body and powerful presence for a magazine photo shoot.

Harper’s Bazaar revealed the photos on the 25th, which showed Rain oozing his strong, masculine beauty for the fashion magazine. 

The international star, who recently lost 10 kilos by training at home and returned to the weight he was at in his 20s, exudes pure masculinity in the photo shoot with his newly-acquired muscles and intense gaze. 

In the interview following the photo shoot, Rain expressed his thoughts about interacting with teenagers on TikTok and other forms of social media. He explained: “I get comments like, ‘Huh? Why is this guy dancing when he’s an actor?’ and ‘I was born in ‘08. Why is this guy dancing so well all of a sudden?’ Teenagers these days are unbelievable (laughs). Anyway, I want to tell them to ‘play with me.’ That’s what celebrities are; they’re entertainers, and they make money by giving people joy and becoming their means of amusement. These days, you have Pengsoo, creators, YouTubers – everyone’s a star in this day and age. I believe that, now, if you don’t compete against those guys, it’s hard to work as an actor or singer. Being an enigma has become a thing of the past.”

Rain / Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

Will Rain dominate the latter half of 2020? To this question, he replied: “In two, three months, projects that I’ve been preparing will be revealed one at a time, so please look forward to it. I’m going to be working with young producers and younger colleagues who have been making good music these days. Whether it be a ballad or a dance track, I’ll be doing frequent releases of singles instead of albums. I’ve been pushing the reset button on my body and my music lately. Listen to the songs that rappers like Post Malone or Travis Scott sing. In the past, R&B and soul were the trend, but these days, people just kind of sing with a straight tone. I’m also trying to drop my habit of singing by the book and using vibrato.”

If he were to compare his life to a television drama, Rain says that he’s still “only in part one.” “Colonel Sanders apparently started KFC at the age of 65. That’s why I say I’m just getting started on part one.” Then he added with a laugh, “It’s not over until it’s over.”

Rain’s photo shoot and interview will be featured in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.