Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan on ‘Running Man’ / Photos: Screenshots from SBS

Running Man’s Jeon So Min has been taking a no-holds-barred approach to expressing her feelings for fellow cast member Yang Se Chan.

On the episode of the SBS variety program that aired in the evening of the 24th, Jeon So Min was shown returning to Running Man after her hiatus came to an end. Before her official comeback, Yang Se Chan and Lee Kwang Soo visited her apartment for the first time. 

At one point, Kwang Soo left the apartment to pack up some food, and Se Chan and So Min were left on their own. Seeing Se Chan’s face turning red, So Min asked right away, “Why is your face turning so red? You don’t even like me.”

So Min, who then asked Se Chan to do the dishes for her, grabbed an apron for him and said, “Put on an apron. The water splashes a lot.” The vibes between the two became slightly peculiar when Se Chan responded, “This isn’t ‘We Got Married.’ We’re on ‘Running Man.’” So Min then captured the viewers’ attention by saying, “You do it. I’m feeling shy. I’ll tie it for you though.”

So Min maintained the romantic atmosphere by taking pictures of Se Chan doing the dishes while telling him that he was “the first man to do the dishes in [her] apartment.”