Ong Seong Wu’s online fan meet / Photos: Naver V LIVE screenshots

Singer Ong Seong Wu held a special event for his fans in honor of his fan club’s one-year anniversary.

After midnight on May 24, Seong Wu interacted with his fans on Naver V LIVE and threw an online birthday party of sorts to celebrate his fan club, WELO, turning a year old. 

At the start of the live broadcast for WELO, Seong Su said, “Thank you for being with me over the past year, and thank you for always being my source of comfort.” The star also surprised and touched his fans by decorating for the surprise “birthday party.” The inside of his car had balloons that spelled out “WELO” and a cake with heliotrope blooms (the fan club’s birth flower) on top. 

The idol singer and actor then added: “Although I’m sure there will be a variety of different days and events, I will remain as Ong Seong Wu for a long time and will try to put my best foot forward as WELO’s Ong Seong Wu. The phrase, ‘WLYFO’ (We’ll love you forever, Ong Seong Wu) is something that remains deep in my heart. Similarly, I want to spend each day thinking, ‘ILYFW’ (I’ll love you forever, WELO).”

“I’ve been working hard filming for my new drama for WELO and for myself,” shared Seong Wu. He also made sure to show his love and affection for his fans by saying, “Thank you for watching, even though it’s late, and let’s all have a happy birthday.”

Although the online party prepared by Seong Wu caught the fans by surprise and started after midnight, over 150,000 fans joined the livestream, and more than 14 million hearts were sent. Above all, the fact that he threw a party on V LIVE in the midst of filming a drama was no doubt touching for his fans.   

Ong Seong Wu is currently filming for Number of Cases, a JTBC drama that is set to air on Fridays and Saturdays later this year.