Jun Jin on ‘Don’t Be Jealous’ / Photos: Screenshots from MBC

Shinhwa member Jun Jin revealed on television that he fell in love at first sight when he met his bride-to-be. 

On the May 25th episode of MBC’s Don’t Be Jealous, Jun Jin appeared as a guest after recently announcing to the public that he would be getting married. 

“I’ve met someone that I can love for the rest of my life,” he said. “We’ve been dating for three years. I first met her when I went to go see a close colleague. She was an acquaintance of my colleague.” Jun Jin and his fiancee, who was described as a stunningly beautiful flight attendant, will reportedly be saying their “I dos” this October. 

The singer and actor also took the chance to brag about his fiancee. “Basically, it was love at first sight. On top of that, the way that she spoke and conducted herself made me think, ‘People like this still exist?’  At work, her nicknames are goddess and angel.” Jun Jin also revealed that his partner is saved as “My woman, who will be happy” in his phone.

When asked how the other members of Shinhwa reacted to the wedding announcement, Jun Jin replied, “I met up with them a little while ago for a Shinhwa meeting, and they all greeted me and called me ‘Groom.’ It felt strange.” He added, “I asked Hye Sung if he wanted to officiate, and he said yes. I talked to Gim Gu Ra about giving the words of blessing at the ceremony, and he immediately said, ‘Of course I’ll do it.’”