Screenshots from Han Ye Seul’s YouTube channel, ‘Han Ye Seul is’

Actress Han Ye Seul recently indirectly mentioned her ex-boyfriend, Teddy, in a YouTube video. 

On June 11, the actress uploaded a Q&A video on her personal YouTube channel, “Han Ye Seul is,” where she answered questions submitted by her subscribers.  

When asked about her most memorable project, she chose the 2006 drama, Couple or Trouble. She explained, “I landed my first leading role in Couple or Trouble. I made my debut with Nonstop 4, but since [Couple or Trouble] was my first leading role, I was nervous and felt a lot of pressure. But the fact that I was playing the lead character made me really happy. ‘I’m the main character in this drama?’ ‘All these crew members are here for me?’ The feelings I felt back then are like a movie. I can remember them vividly in slow motion. It honestly was so moving and unforgettable.”

Ye Seul also gave an honest answer to a question about the most memorable person she has ever met. She mentioned her former flame (Teddy) while saying, “If I’m going to be honest, I guess the person that I loved the most would be the most memorable. In that case… Can I say this?” She continued in between laughs, “He’s the person I loved the most. I can’t deny it.”

The actress also talked about when she felt she made the right decision by becoming a celebrity. “To be honest, fame is really tiring, but I’m so happy that I’m doing this kind of work. It feels rewarding when something small that I did has an impact. What could be more amazing than when something I did unintentionally has a positive impact and brings happiness and joy to someone?”