Minzy / Photo: Nylon

Singer Minzy talked about how she feels as if she has grown more as a person since leaving YG Entertainment.

The former YG artist recently spoke with Nylon magazine, who unveiled the interview from their July issue on the 24th. 

Minzy gives off natural vibes in the photos, which also showcases her characteristic confidence.

The multi-talented star spoke honestly about what she has experienced and felt through her many achievements over the past 11 years since her debut. When asked about her life since leaving her former label and what she has realized since then, Minzy replied, “I feel as if I’ve grown as a person after experiencing numerous incidents and situations. It’s made me think that I can now do anything on my own, that I no longer have to be something for someone else and that I’ve found my own path. I’m a stronger person now.”

When asked about whether the world will get to see 2NE1 on stage again, Minzy responded, “The members sometimes jokingly say, ‘Yeah, we should do that before we become grandmothers.’ If the opportunity presents itself, I hope we can get together in a way that’s true to us and in a cool way.”