Chungha / Photo: MNH Entertainment

K-pop singer Chungha has officially unveiled all of her new concept images.

Starting on June 27, the concept images for Chungha’s new pre-release single, “PLAY,” were posted in succession on her official social media pages. 

The first photo shows the image of Chungha that was seen in the fourth teaser that was previously released. In the photo, she can be seen wearing a fierce expression and exuding her matchless charisma, while a checkered flag waving in the background adds dynamism to the image. 

The second concept image, which was released on the following day, gives off a peculiar vibe. The photo, which emphasizes Chungha’s sexy charm,  leaves a strong impression by showing a green flower quickly blooming and then slowly withering behind her. 

Chungha / Photo: MNH Entertainment

The third concept image, which was released at midnight on June 29, shows a doll-like Chungha striking a ballet-inspired pose while wearing a colorful floral dress. The pink flower petals fluttering in water in the background produce a dreamy effect.

Chungha / Photo: MNH Entertainment

The added melodies and background motions create unique images that are a departure from still images, and they have also helped to create a buzz around the upcoming pre-release track. Fans have responded enthusiastically to the concept images and have been expressing their anticipation for the new single.

Chungha’s new pre-release single, “PLAY,” is set to drop on music streaming sites on July 6 at 6 p.m. (KST).