Jay Park / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Jay Park has hinted that he may be retiring from the entertainment industry soon.

On June 3, the rapper and singer revealed a portion of the song “Encore” from his new album Nothing Matters on social media, along with a description that read, “A song that really hints at retirement. I think I’ll be able to leave without any regrets because I did my best.”

This isn’t the first time that Jay Park has brought up retirement. At a press conference that was held in April of last year, he revealed, “For almost ten years, I’ve been working without taking a single break. I’m not good at taking breaks. For me, it’s all or nothing.  When I work, I work, and when I rest, I rest. If I want to have the time to do the things I personally want to do, like going on trips with my family, b-boying, exercise, or basketball, I think I’ll have to retire.”

He brought up the same topic on social media around the same time last year. “I’m going to retire within a few years. This is a promise I’m making to all of you and to myself. There isn’t much space for people like me in this game,” he said.

As the founder and CEO of hip-hop label AOMG, Jay Park has been managing a company while consistently releasing self-produced music. After his recent social media post, it will be interesting to see if he does actually end up stepping away from the industry.