Hyerim and Shin Min Cheol’s wedding / Photo: rrr Entertainment

Photos from the wedding between singer-actress Hyerim and extreme Taekwondo athlete Shin Min Cheol have been unveiled. 

Hyerim’s management agency, rrr Entertainment, surprised everyone by releasing the images on July 6.

The photos capture scenes from the wedding ceremony, which was held on July 5 at an undisclosed location in Seoul. Hyerim looks elegant and stunning in one of the pictures with her gorgeous wedding dress and her veil flowing out behind her. 

In another picture, the dazzling couple can be seen smiling happily while gazing into a camera.

Hyerim and Shin Min Cheol’s wedding / Photo: rrr Entertainment

The guests of the star-studded wedding, which was attended by the Wonder Girls, TWICE, and Jamie, were treated to performances by Shin Min Cheol’s extreme Taekwondo team, Mirme Taekwondo, and singer Ha:tfelt. 

Hyerim reportedly teared up upon hearing Ha:tfelt expressing her congratulations for the bride before she started to sing her song. 

During the second half of the ceremony, everyone in attendance was deeply moved by a congratulatory video that was made for Hyerim by her fans. The wedding ended with the many guests expressing their well wishes for Hyerim and Shin Min Cheol’s future as a married couple. 

The couple set out on their new journey together as husband and wife after dating for seven years.