Son Ye Jin, Lee Sun Kyun / Photos: Ten Asia DB

Actors Son Ye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun may be making their move to Hollywood movies soon.

Son’s management agency, MSteam Entertainment, revealed on the 6th: “Son Ye Jin has received an offer to star in the film Cross, and she is positively considering the offer. The details are being worked out at this time.” 

Set against a backdrop of fictional, multiracial bordering countries in the future, Cross depicts a story about people from a poor country and a wealthy country. Andrew Niccol, who has directed films such as Lord of War and Good Kill, will be helming the project.

Niccol, who visited Korea last year, reportedly drew his inspiration for the film from the fact that Korea is the only divided nation in the world.  Rumor has it that he expressed his desire to build a set in Korea and work with Korean actors for this reason. It seems that he contacted Son Ye Jin, during this process, who has starred in films produced in China and a number of other countries.

Son has been offered to play the role of Vera, a strong woman who is left to raise her son on her own after her husband dies during an attempt to escape the poor country they live in. Sam Worthington, who is most known among Korean audiences for his role in Avatar, is expected to star opposite Son. Worthington will be taking on the role of a character from the affluent country.

In addition to Son Ye Jin, actor Lee Sun Kyun (of Parasite fame) has also received an offer to star in the film as a border guard. As Lee is already scheduled to be filming another project during the second half of the year, his decision to appear in Cross will depend on the timetable for the filming of the movie. 

Cross is expected to start principal photography in the first half of 2021.