Mina / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Photo: Mina’s Instagram account @kvwowv

For the first time in seven days since exposing former AOA bandmate Jimin for bullying her while she was still in the group, Mina has taken to social media to give her fans an update on her life. The singer and actress made a promise to her fans that she would return healthy and happy after receiving treatment.

Mina started off her Instagram post on July 10 with an apology that read, “I’ve received direct messages and texts from acquaintances and so many others, expressing their concerns and voicing their support. First off, I’m so sorry that I can’t respond to each and every person.”

She continued, “I’ve been trying my best to read all of them, and I’m just really, really thankful. You don’t have to worry anymore. I promise to gradually receive treatment and come back healthy and happy very soon so that you won’t have to worry about me from now on.”

“I’ll work really hard, so until then, please take care of yourselves and don’t get sick. Don’t forget to wear your masks, and be careful so that you don’t catch a cold when the weather alternates between hot and cold during the rainy season. Thank you so much. Once again, I’m sincerely sorry. Hang in there, everyone!”

Jimin / Photo: Ten Asia DB

On July 3, Mina revealed that she had been continuously bullied by AOA leader, Jimin, while Mina was still a member of the group. Mina disclosed information about Jimin’s behavior on ten different occasions over two days. She also shocked everyone by revealing scars on her wrist that were left by repeated instances of self-harm. 

Jimin responded to the mounting controversy in a now-deleted social media post that simply said, “Fiction.” The members of AOA reportedly then visited Mina along with the group’s manager. Mina gave an account of the meeting and said that she asked Jimin at the time, “Is this the expression of someone who comes to apologize?” She then said that after the two argued for a bit, Jimin asked, “Where’s your knife? Do you want me to die?” Jimin’s attitude, as described by Mina, sparked public outrage. 

Jimin’s label, FNC Entertainment, which kept silent even as the controversy was growing, finally issued a public statement after Mina alleged that Jimin had brought a man to the dormitory shared by the AOA members and had intercourse with him. The statement announced that Jimin had left AOA and would be discontinuing all of her activities in the entertainment industry.