Ha Jung Woo / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Actor Ha Jung Woo, who has been accused of illegally using propofol, the anesthetic which is referred to as “milk of amnesia,” was recently questioned by prosecutors as a suspect.

According to a report published by SBS on the 12th, Ha was summoned and questioned by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Violent Crimes Department on suspicion of propofol abuse.

Ha reportedly denied the charges during the investigation and claimed that his usage of the drug propofol was for medical purposes. 

Ha told one media outlet: “I did not abuse any drug of any kind, and I received treatment under a different name at the request of the hospital.”

Back in February of this year, suspicions arose that Ha had been administered propofol on multiple occasions at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Gangnam, under his brother’s name (Cha Hyun Woo).

Reps for Ha Jung Woo said that although the actor had been injected with an anesthetic that was prescribed by his doctor while he was being treated for facial scars, he was not regularly administered the drug.

In regard to using his brother’s name when being administered the propofol, the actor’s reps explained, “From his first visit to the clinic, the director of the clinic put an emphasis on privacy. During this process, the clinic asked for the name and information of Ha Jung Woo’s manager and the CEO of his management agency, who is his brother.”

The prosecution will soon be deciding on whether to prosecute Ha Jung Woo.