Hwasa / Photo: RBW

Hwasa’s new single, “Maria,” is being met with an enthusiastic response in China. 

The official Weibo account of state broadcaster CCTV chose Hwasa’s “Maria” as the background track while reporting on the press conference of China’s newly-appointed foreign ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, on July 17. 

In addition to the corresponding video getting more than 3.6 million views in less than 24 hours after its release, “Hwasa Maria” trended on Weibo for two days amid favorable reviews from Chinese netizens, who called the song “fresh and new.” 

A song by a Korean singer being used to deliver news about an official press conference is very much out of the ordinary, so the fact that it was picked as the background song for such an event is a testament to Hwasa’s popularity.

Hwasa released her debut EP, Maria, on June 29.

As a diary-like album filled with stories that Hwasa wanted to tell both the public and herself, Maria resonates with listeners through its messages of comfort for those who have been hurt by the world and others.

The album’s title track, “Maria,” which is a song that talks about getting back up and taking things one step at a time when life gets tough, has been on the top tier of domestic music charts since its release.

In addition, the song has been on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart for two weeks, showing the power of “Queen Hwasa.”

Meanwhile, Hwasa recently released the music video for the song “LMM,” which was shot completely in Ulleungdo Island.