Movie poster for ‘Peninsula’ / Photo: NEW

All signs are pointing to Peninsula becoming a box-office smash.

According to the Korea Box-Office Information System (KOBIS), Peninsula attracted 959,727 moviegoers on the 18th and 19th, which was the first weekend of its release. To date, the film has drawn 1,804,117 moviegoers.

Peninsula is an action blockbuster that takes place four years after the end of its prequel, Train to Busan, and it shows the final battle engaged in by those left behind in the wastelands of the Korean peninsula. Following the massive success of Train to Busan, Peninsula is off to a promising start by drawing in 1.8 million audience members within a mere five days of its release. At the current rate, the film should be able to hit the 2 million mark within a few days.

Peninsula is also getting rave reviews in other countries across Asia, where the film was released simultaneously. The film has stayed at the top of box offices in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia from its opening day to the weekend, and in Vietnam where it has yet to be released, Peninsula has surpassed the pre-sales record of Parasite and is currently No. 1 in pre-sales in the country.

The early box-office success of Peninsula is garnering attention as it shows that the film has been able to overcome the unfavorable conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following Peninsula, films such as Steel Rain 2: Summit and Deliver Us From Evil are set to be released in theaters. The industry will no doubt be paying close attention to see whether the surge in ticket sales due to the release of Peninsula will be able to invigorate the movie industry in the long term.