SSAK3’s ‘Here at the Beach Again’

SSAK3 (Yoo Jae Seok, Lee Hyo Lee, Rain), the coed project group created via the MBC variety program, Hangout with Yoo, has swept domestic music charts with their debut song, “Here at the Beach Again.”

As of 9 a.m. on July 20, “Here at the Beach Again,” which dropped on July 19, has reached the top of all the music charts in the country, including Melon, Genie, FLO, Bugs, and VIBE. 

“Here at the Beach Again” was written by Lee Hyo Lee, composed by Lee Sang Soon, and has rap lyrics written by Zico. The “newtro” (combination of the words “new” and “retro”) track, which combines a refreshing brass sound with groovy bass and drums, has a ‘90s vibe with a modern twist. 

SSAK3 is scheduled to give their debut performance of “Here at the Beach Again” on July 25 on MBC’s Show! Music Core; the group will also be releasing the full music video of “Here at the Beach Again” on the same day, as well as another song titled “Turn on that Summer.”

The group’s physical debut album will also become available for pre-order on the 25th, and a TikTok dance challenge has been launched for “Here at the Beach Again.”

Yoo Jae Seok’s “Luv Us” and the solo tracks of Lee Hyo Lee and Rain are scheduled to be released on August 1.