Shin Min Ah

Former ILUV member Shin Min Ah was taken to the emergency room after fainting, it was belatedly reported. 

Shin’s family announced the news on the 24th and pleaded with the public to stop making malicious comments and spreading indiscriminate speculations about the singer.

Shin’s mother took to her daughter’s Instagram account to post the following message: “Min Ah fainted today and was taken to the emergency room. She’ll be admitted to the hospital soon. I ask that everyone refrain from making malicious comments and speculations about Min Ah. Thank you.”

On July 15, Shin started to open up about the harassment that she had experienced. She confessed on her YouTube channel that she had tried to take her own life at the Han River. She revealed, “I’m really miserable. Please stop. After getting a bit of rest, I’ll come back once I feel like I’m in a state where I can start filming again. I’m sorry for causing concern.”

The comments that started to circulate in online communities about Shin being continuously bullied by the other members while she was still in ILUV lent support to her claims. Shin left the group after making her debut in November 2019 with the ILUV single album, Open the Door. ILUV is currently preparing to re-debut under their new name, BOTOPASS.

The group’s label has shared KakaoTalk conversations and videos as evidence and said, “All of Shin Min Ah’s claims are false. The six members of ILUV are all mentally and physically shocked to the point that they’re experiencing nausea and other symptoms. We will be filing criminal and civil charges against Shin Min Ah.”