SSAK3 member, Linda G (Lee Hyo Lee) / Photos: Screenshots of MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’

Since the group SSAK3 (Yoo Jae Seok, Lee Hyo Lee, Rain) put on a show to end all shows on MBC’s Show! Music Core, Lee Hyo Lee and her alter ego, Linda G, have garnered a great deal of attention.

SSAK3 put on their debut performance of “Here at the Beach Again” on July 25 on Show! Music Core, which recorded viewership ratings of 2.1 percent on that day. A rating of over 2 percent for a music program, which typically records ratings in the 0 to 1 percent range, is very rare. Show! Music Core scored their highest ratings this year thanks to SSAK3’s appearance.

Hyo Lee’s “fairy-like” image made the most headlines. Her bubbly smile, explosive talent, and white outfit hearkened back to her days in the girl group, Fin.K.L. 

Fans who watched SSAK3’s performance poured on the praise for Hyo Lee’s overpowering stage presence and made comments such as, “Lee Hyo Lee looks like she went back to her Fin.K.L days,” “She was born to be the center,” and “She’s the coolest on stage.”

The Lee Hyo Lee who is remembered by the public is just Lee Hyo Lee herself. No modifiers are needed to describe who Hyo Lee is. From the time she was being called a “fairy” while performing as a member of Fin.K.L to the present, the storms that have been created by Hyo Lee have always been powerful. Every song she released as a solo artist since her debut solo track, “10 Minutes,” became mega hits, and every article of clothing, accessory, and makeup look she wore became leading trends. 

K-pop fans have been yearning for Hyo Lee’s comeback, as she was once a trendsetter and style icon. Although it wasn’t as a solo act, Hyo Lee’s performance as a part of SSAK3 was enough to quench their thirst. Also, fans are especially excited as Hyo Lee announced that she would soon be releasing a solo track as Linda G.