Online cover image of ‘All My Love’

Singer-songwriter Sam Kim has taken part in a fan song being prepared by actor Park Bo Gum, who will be enlisting in the military at the end of this month.  

Sam’s record label, Antenna Music, revealed on August 9th that “Sam Kim helped to produce ‘All My Love,’ a fan song by Park Bo Gum who will soon be enlisting in the military. Due to his innate sense of groove and ingenious musicality, Sam receives a constant stream of featuring and collaboration requests.” Antenna expects that “Sam Kim will be able to show his expanded musical abilities through this collaboration with Park Bo Gum.”

Park Bo Gum, who has been a long-time fan of Sam Kim, made the collaboration possible by reaching out to Sam himself. 

“All My Love,” which was selected by Sam and Bo Gum after listening to different demo music, is a song that took approximately one year to complete after the two met for the first time in the spring of 2019. 

Sam Kim / Photo: Antenna Music

In addition to helping to produce “All My Love,” Sam Kim also took part in writing the lyrics for the song’s English version, arranging the song, and also providing background vocals.

The song, which features a groovy melody and Sam’s warm sensibility, sends a romantic message that says, “I want to be beside you always to give you all my love so that you won’t feel lonely.”

Sam Kim, who manages to merge his gentle acoustic sensibility with trendy sounds on each of his records, has created his own genre through continuous musical experimentation and growth. As a result, his collaboration with Park Bo Gum on “All My Love,” is garnering high expectations.

Park Bo Gum’s fan song, “All My Love,” will be released via music sites worldwide at midnight on August 10.