Lim Young Woong

Singer and Mister Trot winner, Lim Young Woong, expressed his gratitude for his fans, as he celebrated his fourth debut anniversary.

Young Woong delivered a message to his fans via the New Era Project’s official Instagram account on August 8. “I celebrated my fourth anniversary in a meaningful way at the concert. I’m very thankful for the congratulatory wave that so many people did,” he said.

He added, “I’ve been able to get to where I am thanks to all of you. I promise to stay beside you for a long time while making good music for you.”

Lim Young Woong / Photo: New Era Project’s official Instagram account

The photo that was posted along with the thank you message shows Young Woong in a green room, holding a piece of paper with his autograph and smiling. The rising star met with his fans on August 7 while performing at a Mister Trot concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul.

Although Lim Young Woong became known to the masses after appearing on TV Chosun’s hit reality show, Mister Trot, he actually made his debut in 2016 with the single, “Hate You.” Young Woong was able to celebrate his fourth anniversary in style at the Mister Trot concert. 

The trot singer’s fans celebrated the happy occasion by making a special donation. The members of Lim Young Woong’s fan club reportedly made a donation to Holt Children’s Services in honor of their favorite star’s four-year anniversary on August 8. 

The donation will help to provide support for single-parent families. 

His fan club revealed, “We hope that our gift for his fourth debut anniversary is a meaningful one. We plan to continue to donate to those in need.”