BLACKPINK / Photo: YG Entertainment

K-pop group BLACKPINK has taken over China’s music charts and social media, and now they are gradually expanding their influence into the world of advertising. 

The group swept the popularity categories in the Weibo rankings that were published on August 10. Weibo, which is one of China’s largest social media platforms, analyzes their users’ posts every week and ranks the popularity of global stars.

Lisa, who is at the top of the Asian Top Star Ranking, has held on to the No. 1 spot for 12 straight weeks. Jisoo has come in at the No. 1 spot for the Hallyu Ranking for 7 weeks in a row, while the No. 2 and 3 spots currently belong to Jennie and Rosé, respectively. BLACKPINK sweeping the charts shows the intense interest and love that Chinese fans have for the group. 

BLACKPINK captivated the entire world with their most recent single, “How You Like That,” and China was no exception. When the song was released in June, it dominated QQ Music’s (China’s largest music streaming service) three charts, and the names of the group’s members started to show up on Weibo’s popular searches lists and trending lists. 

China’s advertisers have been quick to try to capitalize on BLACKPINK’s popularity. In particular, Lisa has been the one to open the door to China’s advertising market.  

BLACKPINK / Photo: YG Entertainment

According to the group’s label, YG Entertainment, Lisa was recently chosen to be the spokesmodel for the VIVO S7 smartphone. On/offline print ads for the product have already started to run in China, and filming for the commercial wrapped on August 9. 

This is the fourth Chinese ad of the year featuring Lisa, who has been in ads for a fabric softener, yogurt drink, and a game. With a variety of industries in the country showing interest in Lisa, it is entirely possible that she will be capturing more of the advertising domain.

As a member of BLACKPINK and a talented artist, Lisa was selected to appear as a dance mentor on Youth With You 2, a group elimination reality show on iQiyi. Her appearance on the show made local fans more familiar with Lisa. 

Lisa’s global popularity, exceptional talent, bright and lovable image, exotic features, and sense of fashion has solidified her position as a role model for many young people in China. 

BLACKPINK is set to release another new single on August 28, as well as their first studio album on October 2. It is expected that YG’s targeting of the global market with BLACKPINK will help the group to continue soaring to new heights.