Kim Hye Yoon / Photo: Sidus HQ

Actress Kim Hye Yoon has been cast for one of the leading roles in the upcoming drama, Snowdrop (working title).

After being highly praised for her solid acting performance as Kang Ye Seo on JTBC’s SKY Castle, Hye Yoon is expected to create great synergy with the producers of SKY Castle, whom she’ll be reuniting with for Snowdrop

Because Hye Yoon was able to perfectly pull off her character in her most recent drama, MBC’s Extraordinary You, with her exquisite acting skills, the anticipation is building to see how she will transform herself for Snowdrop. Fans can also look forward to seeing the talented actress on the big screen with the upcoming films, Midnight and The Girl Riding a Bulldozer, which are set to premiere later this year and early next year.

Kim Hye Yoon, who has been keeping herself busy by going between television and film projects, is said to be in the process of preparing for her performance on Snowdrop.