Yoon Bora / Photo: KeyEast Entertainment

Actress Yoon Bora has joined hands with KeyEast Entertainment.

“Yoon Bora was recognized for her talents as an ‘acting idol’ early on in her career when she took on acting projects while she was in SISTAR. She officially made the switch to acting full-time in 2017, and she has gradually established a solid foothold in the industry by starting with small roles. We will give Bora the full support she needs to take the next step as an actor,” revealed KeyEast CEO Park Seong Hye.

Bora got her first start in acting in the SBS drama, Doctor Stranger. She then went on to amass acting experience in dramas such as tvN’s A Korean Odyssey, OCN’s Quiz from God: Reboot and Dr. Romantic 2, and JTBC’s Chocolate. She also starred in the film, Sunkist Family.

In Dr. Romantic 2, which finished airing in February, Bora played a nurse at Doldam Hospital named Joo Young Mi, who captivated viewers with her strait-laced, no-nonsense personality and her diligence.

Bora made her debut as a member of the girl group SISTAR in 2010. The group was responsible for countless hit singles, and were one of the most beloved K-pop acts of their time. Bora’s delightful charm made her a regular guest on a number of variety shows. She was also chosen to be the spokesmodel of automobile, fashion, beauty, and sportswear brands, due to her healthy and lovable image.

Bora’s new management agency, KeyEast Entertainment, is also home to actors such as Ju Ji Hoon, Park Ha Seon, and Jung Ryeo Won. In addition to managing talent, KeyEast also produces TV dramas and films. Projects that the company has worked on include OCN’s Voice series, SBS’s Hyena, MBN’s My Dangerous Wife, JTBC’s Live On and Hush, Netflix’s The School Nurse Files, and the film The Divine Fury.