Photos: Shin Dong Mi’s Instagram account

Actress Shin Dong Mi has shared some pictures taken with Park Bo Gum, her costar in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, Record of Youth

The images were posted on Dong Mi’s Instagram account on the 9th along with a description that read: “Thank you. The ratings have gone up! That’s why I’m throwing these photos from Milan out there!”

The photos show Dong Mi and Bo Gum sitting close to each other and looking friendly as they gaze into the camera. Their playful expressions and poses show the fun chemistry shared by the two actors.  

Dong Mi also revealed her extraordinary affection for her new project by putting the following hashtags under the photos: #RecordOfYouth #Milan Accommodations #SaHyeJunLet’sHitTheJackpot.

Record of Youth captures the stories of young people who strive to achieve their dreams and find love, undeterred by the roadblocks of reality.  Shin Dong Mi plays the role of Lee Min Jae, who acts as a manager for Sa Hye Jun (played by Park Bo Gum), a model who dreams of becoming an actor. 

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode of Record of Youth that aired on September 8 drew in average ratings of 6.8% nationwide, and hit a high of 8.4%, putting it above all other shows on cable and comprehensive programming channels in the same time slot. The episode was also the most-watched show on television among its target audience – men and women in the 20 to 49 age group.