Funeral services were conducted at the Inha University Hospital Funeral Hall for actress Oh In Hye, who passed away suddenly on September 14.

“You are beautiful, like a flower.”

Actress Oh In Hye was laid to rest today at the age of 36.

The funeral procession for Oh started from the Inha University Hospital Funeral Hall on the 16th, and ended at Incheon Family Park, where the late actress was buried.

Oh was found unconscious at her residence in the Songdo International Business District in the early morning hours of September 14. The actress was found by her friend, who immediately contacted the police and emergency services. Oh was taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, and although her breathing and pulse had returned after she received CPR and first aid, she ultimately was not able to turn the corner and was pronounced dead later that day. 

Police have stated that there is no evidence of foul play, and it is suspected that she died by suicide. No suicide note was found in her home, and as such, an autopsy has been requested by police to determine the exact cause of death. 

Photos: Oh In Hye’s Instagram account @5inhye

Oh frequently interacted with her fans and followers via Instagram and YouTube. Two days before her passing, Oh uploaded her final post on Instagram: a selfie with the words, “Have a good weekend,” in the description. 

Immediately after news of Oh’s condition broke, the actress’ fans began leaving messages of support on her Instagram account, wishing her a speedy recovery. Upon learning that Oh was unable to reawaken, the well-wishes were replaced with messages from fans expressing their condolences. 

Oh’s colleagues have also publicly expressed their sorrow. Actress Kim Sun Young wrote: “She was more beautiful and delicate than a flower. Now, she has become a star. I pray she is happy where she is. Rest in peace.” Han Ji Il wrote: “I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you. I pray that you’re able to achieve all the dreams that you couldn’t achieve on earth.”

Oh In Hye / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Born in 1984, Dongduk Women’s University graduate Oh In Hye made her debut in the 2011 film, Sin of a Family. In the same year, she starred in the film, Red Vacance Black Wedding, directed by the late Park Cheol Su. She then went on to star in the drama, The King’s Doctor, and films such as No Breathing and The Plan

In August of this year, Oh released a duet single with singer-songwriter Nautilus, titled “Sorry.” 

Oh In Hye was known for both her beauty and kind-hearted nature. In November 2018, the actress traveled to Vietnam with calligrapher Kim Jeong, Share Sarangbat, and Hangangsoo Hospital, as a part of a volunteer effort to provide medical services, free meals, and handicrafts to the Katu and Agent Orange victims. Photos from the four-day journey were put together in a photo essay book titled You Are Beautiful, Like a Flower, and 100 percent of the proceeds from the book were donated to marginalized groups in Vietnam.