ENHYPEN: (clockwise from top left) Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, NI-KI, Sungwoon, Sunoo

The fans from around the globe have spoken, and the final seven on the Mnet survival reality show, I-LAND, have been selected. The seven members will now be gearing up to make their debut before year’s end under the name ENHYPEN. 

During the final episode, which aired on September 18, the members who would make their debut dreams come true were decided by the producers and global viewers. Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Sungwoon, and NI-KI were ultimately selected for their enormous potential. The septet will be working towards making their debut later on this year, with the enthusiastic support of their international fans as their springboard to jump to new heights. 

According to the group, much like a hyphen, the name “ENHYPEN” signifies the seven different members discovering each other and growing as they become linked to one another. It also captures the group’s determination to connect people and worlds through music. 

ENHYPEN created official social media accounts for the group on the 19th and posted an official logo trailer video, as well as a video of the members greeting the world for the first time as ENHYPEN. “Thanks to all the love we received from so many people, we will be able to make our debut as ENHYPEN,” expressed the group. “We promise to repay the many people who supported us and bring them joy.”

As the first team to come out of Belift Lab – a joint venture established by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment in March 2019 to discover next-generation idols –  ENHYPEN is already garnering a great deal of attention from fans all around the world, even before their official debut.

I-LAND, which was livestreamed on YouTube and other global platforms, attracted approximately 34 million viewers by the time it aired its 11th episode. Following the airing of the last (12th) episode, digital clips of the show had racked up more than 186 million views, and “I-LAND The Finale” became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide. 

In addition, 2.8 million people have already become a part of the ENHYPEN community on official fan community platform, Weverse, which is an unprecedented feat for rookies who have yet to even make their official debut. 

Expectations are running high for ENHYPEN, as they will be produced by Big Hit Entertainment – the label behind BTS and TXT – and because the members have already given the world a taste of what they’re capable of through I-LAND.