They haven’t even debuted yet, but ENHYPEN – the group formed via Mnet’s survival reality show I-LAND – already has hordes of adoring fans following their every move. 

ENHYPEN members Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and NI-KI flew into Gimpo International Airport on the 26th from Jeju Island. 

Upon their arrival, the septet were greeted by not only reporters, but also by fans who were causing a commotion by trying to touch and get close-up shots of the members. Some of the members reportedly nearly fell down due to a number of fans grabbing at their clothes and getting too close to the members in an attempt to speak to them.

ENHYPEN is a multinational seven-member group that is the first team to come out of Belift Lab – a joint venture established by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment (BTS, TXT) in March 2019 to discover next-generation idols. 

Within 48 hours of the group setting up their social media accounts, the Twitter account managed by the members amassed over 716,000 followers; the official ENHYPEN account surpassed 552,000 followers; their official Instagram account garnered 586,000 followers; and more than 350,000 fans subscribed to the the group’s official YouTube channel.