Photo: Choi Su Jong’s Instagram account @charitysj

A photo of actor Choi Su Jong and his daughter Choi Yun Seo has been making its way around the internet and garnering attention.

Choi Su Jong posted the image in question to his Instagram account on the 24th, with the caption: “A picture with my daughter, Choi Yun Seo, before our family photo shoot. Thank you.” 

The photo shows the father-daughter pair in matching outfits of white button-downs and jeans. Yun Seo is such a spitting image of her mother, actress Ha Hee Ra, that one could mistake the image to be a picture of the veteran actress from her younger days. 

Photo: Choi Su Jong’s Instagram account @charitysj

Choi Su Jong also posted another photo of himself sitting in a chair with the caption: “In the middle of a family photo shoot. Picture taken by my daughter of me with my legs looking long.”

The photo of Choi Su Jong and his daughter has been circulating online and getting the attention of the country’s netizens. 

The star couple has individual Instagram accounts where they share bits and pieces of their everyday lives with their family. 

Ha Hee Ra posted a picture of the family cooking together in their kitchen on August 22 with a description that read: “I just woke up and came out to start making breakfast after getting back early this morning, and I see my husband, son, and daughter getting breakfast ready together. Feeling choked up.” 

Choi Su Jong’s Instagram account @charitysj

After tying the knot in 1993, Choi Su Jong and Ha Hee Ra welcomed their son, Min Seo, into the world in 1999, and their daughter, Yun Seo, in 2000.

Ha Hee Ra is currently starring in the tvN drama, Record of Youth, in the role of Han Ae Suk. Choi Su Jong most recently starred in MBN’s Friendly Variety Show, where he delivered warm laughs to the viewing audience.