Lee Min Ho has surpassed 20 million followers on Instagram. / Photo: MYM Entertainment

Actor Lee Min Ho recently hit 20 million followers on his Facebook and Instagram pages, giving him a total of 40 million followers on social media. Min Ho is the first celebrity among all Korean singers and actors to have 20 million followers each on the two social media platforms. 

The actor’s management agency, MYM Entertainment, uploaded a congratulatory post on September 18 to celebrate Min Ho hitting 20 million followers on Facebook. Not long after, on October 4, the agency posted another photo showing Min Ho holding a flower along with the words “20 MILLION” to celebrate the actor reaching the same milestone on Instagram. The actor’s overwhelming good looks and smoldering stare in the photo are enough to capture the attention of any of his millions of followers.

Lee Min Ho has surpassed 20 million followers on Facebook. / Photo: MYM Entertainment

Min Ho boasts an impressive number of followers on his other social media accounts as well, with 28.63 million on Weibo and over 3 million on Twitter (as of October 4). No other artist in Korea has such a large following across so many platforms. Every time the talented star posts a photo on social media, he picks up new superlatives, such as “ultimate boyfriend material,” from his fans.  

In addition, in the “100 Most Attractive Asian Celebs 2020” list published by King Choice in September, Lee Min Ho ranked No. 3 (No. 1 Korean artist on the list) by pulling in over 18 million votes. Min Ho’s ranking on the list confirmed his global popularity, as well as his status as a top actor.  

Lee Min Ho also broke records with his most recent drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, which streamed worldwide via Netflix. The King became one of the top 10 most viewed contents on Netflix for the Asian region, and according to FlixPatrol, it stayed in the top 10 for a total of 124 days. 

Lee Min Ho is currently on hiatus after the end of The King: Eternal Monarch, and is reportedly reviewing scripts for his next project.