Girls’ Generation’s Tayeon (left), singer Hayeon

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon recently took to social media to congratulate her younger sister, Hayeon, on her official debut as a singer.

Taeyeon posted clips of Hayeon’s “Eyes on You” music video to her Instagram Stories on the 7th, along with a message that said, “Congratulations, my sister.” 

Hayeon, who is 10 years younger than Taeyeon, released her new single, “Eyes on You,” at noon on October 7. “Eyes on You” features lyrics from Hayeon and singer-songwriter NUVO, who also produced and arranged the song, and it was composed by an AI program.

Screenshots from ‘Eyes on You’ MV

Hayeon has been generating buzz from the moment she debuted. As soon as the song dropped, “Hayeon,” “Taeyeon’s younger sister,” “Taeyeon and Hayeon,” and “Taeyeon” began to trend on Korean portal sites. 

Previously, Hayeon had captured the attention of the public by singing and posting covers of songs by Taeyeon, BTS, Girls’ Generation, and IU to her YouTube channel, Conveyor Sounds. 

Following her official debut with “Eyes on You,” Hayeon is expected to release a follow-up single later on in the year.