Hyolyn / Photo: THE STAR

An eye-catching fashion photo shoot of solo artist Hyolyn has been revealed. 

Hyolyn showed off her sexy charm to her heart’s content in the October issue of THE STAR magazine. 

The unveiled photos show the multi-talented star looking cool and nonchalant as she gazes into the camera and tries out a number of poses while sitting on a stool. 

In the interview that accompanies the photo shoot, Hyolyn spoke about how she was feeling during the fashion shoot, which she hadn’t shot in a long time. She remarked, “Maybe it’s because I took pictures in outfits today that are relaxed, but I was very comfortable.”

Hyolyn also spoke about her recent single, “9LIVES,” and the choreographed dance she did with a professional dancer for the song’s music video. “Over the years, I’ve expressed my emotions and stories through my voice only. With this song, I wanted to share more of Hyolyn’s story. It’s a song for which it was important that I danced barefoot in order to express my emotions with the tips of my hands and feet.”

When asked about the most memorable moment of her career, she replied, “My first solo concert is the most memorable. It was one of my biggest dreams, and it gave me a chance to completely show off something I had put a lot of work into, without being pressed for time.” 

When asked what she’s like in relationships, Hyolyn replied with a laugh, “I only look forward. I try to act like I’m cool, but I’m not. I also try to really respect and understand the person that I love. As time passes, I want to express my love more.”

This year marks Hyolyn’s 10th year in the music industry. While discussing where she sees herself in 20 years, Hyolyn mused, “I think I’ll still be singing. I got the same question 10 years ago, and I predicted that I would still be singing. Seeing as how I really am still singing now after 10 years, I hope I’ll still be doing it 10 years from now.” 

Hyolyn’s stunning images and detailed interview can be found in the October issue of THE STAR magazine. A video of the magazine’s interview with the singer will be made available on THE STAR’s official YouTube channel.