Image: RBW

MAMAMOO has revealed the timetable for the release of their upcoming EP.

The group posted the schedule for the release of TRAVEL on their official social media account on the 12th, beginning the countdown for their eagerly-anticipated comeback. 

According to the timetable, MAMAMOO will be dropping a pre-release single on October 20. On October 15, the album cover and concept photos for the pre-release single will be unveiled, followed by the release of solo concept photos and a music video teaser on the days leading up to the official release. 

With previous pre-release singles, such as “I Miss You,” “Taller Than You,” and “Rainy Season,” having performed well on music charts, many are interested to see how MAMAMOO’s newest pre-release single will fare on the charts. 

Then, starting on October 26, the release of concept photos for the new EP’s title track, music video teaser, solo concept photos, highlight medley, track list, and a performance video teaser have been scheduled to raise the excitement for the comeback.

MAMAMOO will be making their official comeback on November 3 with the release of their new EP, TRAVEL. With the newest EP coming a year after the November 2019 release of the group’s previous studio album, Reality in BLACK, the EP is expected to be a collection of MAMAMOO’s diverse and limitless charms. 

MAMAMOO is reportedly putting in a great deal of effort into presenting their fans with high-quality content that shows off their various aspects.

With MAMAMOO becoming known and beloved for their unrivaled concepts and music, as well as their flashy performances, many are looking forward to what the group has in store for their fans with their new EP, TRAVEL