Photo: Ten Asia DB

Irene of the group Red Velvet has apologized to the stylist whom she reportedly verbally attacked. 

Irene posted an apology on Instagram on the 22nd that read: “I am sincerely sorry for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and thoughtless remarks and actions.” 

“I’ve gotten to where I am today through the help of the many people I have worked with. I regret and am reflecting on my immature behavior which has deeply hurt such people. This incident has caused me to look back on my past. I feel embarrassed by my inadequate words and actions, and I’ve once again realized how precious the people who work around me are.”  

“Moving forward, I will think and act more prudently so that nothing like this ever happens again. I sincerely apologize to my fans who support me even with my shortcomings, as well as to the many people whom I have caused to worry through this incident.”

Irene of Red Velvet / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Irene’s label, SM Entertainment, also issued the following statement: “Irene met with the stylist in question today and sincerely apologized for her thoughtless behavior and emotionally-charged remarks and actions. She feels sorry for causing many people concern with her immature behavior.”

The label added, “We fully realize our responsibility in the matter. We will not forget the hard work of all those who collaborate with our company and artists, and we will make efforts to prevent the recurrence of such incidents with those we work with in the future.”

Previously, the stylist, referred to as Stylist “A,” uploaded a post on Instagram on October 21 which read, “I was thoroughly trampled on and victimized today as a subordinate. It was more than 20 minutes of hell in an unfamiliar room. Without even so much as a hello,  she sat in a chair and shook her finger at me, cell phone in hand, while I stood there listening to the words spilling out of her.”  

The stylist continued, “After being endlessly stabbed by her words, tears fell from my eyes. Even after thinking about it for some time, I still can’t understand her actions. I wanted to speak with her person to person and get a proper apology after calming myself. But, she just disappeared. I recorded [the conversation] just in case. I must take action against her.”