Kwon Sang Woo / Photo: Son Tae Young’s Instagram account

Actress Son Tae Young has given an update following husband Kwon Sang Woo’s ankle surgery. 

On November 14, Son Tae Young posted a message on Instagram that read: “Thank you all for your concern. The surgery went well. Your ankle that you hurt a long time ago… After that, whenever you were filming a movie or a drama, you tried to use as little of the stuntman’s help as possible, and no one could curb your passion… After it piled up gradually, the signal came at once. I think it’s time to accept help now, honey…”

She continued, “You have to look after your health if you want to play the roles you want for a long time, right? You can do it. Let’s film dramas and movies without any setbacks and  do well during the rehabilitation sessions. Make sure you memorize your lines for Delayed Justice too.”

Son Tae Young also posted a photo showing Kwon Sang Woo lying in a hospital bed and holding a script for the SBS drama, Delayed Justice.

According to reports, Kwon Sang Woo had surgery on November 12 after injuring his right Achilles tendon.