Photos: Screenshots from Hyeri’s YouTube channel, I Am Lee Hyeri

Singer and actress Hyeri opened up about why she decided to leave tvN’s Amazing Saturday – DoReMi Market.

On November 14, via her YouTube channel I Am Lee Hyeri, the entertainer talked about the backstory and her feelings related to her decision to leave the program. 

“I experienced a bit of a slump two times while I was on Amazing Saturday. Because the format [of the program] is the same every week, I would think, ‘What should I do?’ I looked like I wasn’t having fun when I saw myself on screen. In the very beginning, at around the 20th or 30th episode, I had my first slump,” Hyeri confessed. 

She continued, “When I watched Amazing Saturday back then, I noticed that I barely got any screen time. That’s when I realized I wasn’t focused, and then I got my head back on straight.” 

According to Hyeri, her second slump came when she was filming for Miss Lee. “When I was filming a drama while doing the show, it was really tough. I wasn’t able to take care of myself. Seeing that, I got so frustrated with myself,” she said.

“The viewers watching the show wouldn’t have known that I stayed up all night the night before, or that I had stayed up several nights in a row, but they would say things like, ‘Hyeri looks a little tired,’ or ‘She isn’t talking much,’ and I didn’t like hearing those things. So then if I would give it my all on the show, the next day, I would hardly remember what I did on the set of the drama,” added Hyeri. 

Photo: Ten Asia DB

“I think I bit off more than I could chew. I worked hard because I wanted to do both things well, but I wasn’t doing well on either one. When I saw myself back then, I would think, ‘If I do this, it’s exhausting for me and the people watching.’ I felt like a nuisance. I had a role to fill after all,” she explained

She added, “I guess I felt a sense of responsibility. I guess I had a soft spot for Amazing Saturday.” 

Hyeri’s final episode of Amazing Saturday aired on November 14. Many viewers were saddened by her departure as she had become known as the program’s mukbang queen, and for bringing life to the show.