‘The Uncanny Counter’ / Photos: Screenshots from OCN

Sejeong stole the show on The Uncanny Counter when she made her first appearance on the new drama. 

On OCN’s new Saturday-Sunday original series, The Uncanny Counter, which premiered on November 28, Sejeong left a strong impression on viewers by nailing both action and emotional scenes. The singer and actress plays the role of Do Ha Na, the human radar that can detect evil spirits from a mile away. 

On the first episode, Do Ha Na stepped up to help defeat an evil spirit after detecting it immediately. The action sequences featuring Ha Na that show her jumping down from the roof of a building without an ounce of hesitation while trying to catch an evil spirit, as well as the scenes showing her fighting against the spirits with fellow Counter Ga Mo Tak (played by Yu Jun Sang), are eye-catching. 

Do Ha Na also wowed viewers in a scene where she subdued a school bully named Shin Hyeok U (played by Jung Won Chang) and his gang, who were harassing So Mun (played by Jo Byeong Gyu) and his friends – and all without even breaking a sweat. 

Curiosity is growing as to how Sejeong will continue depicting Do Ha Na – the curly-haired, red tracksuit wearing, cynical character whom the actress pulled off perfectly in the first episode. 

The Uncanny Counter is a thriller that tells a story of a team of “Counters” who hunt evil spirits while disguising themselves as employees at a noodle shop. The Counters fight against the evil spirits who escape from the afterlife in pursuit of immortality, and they do so by tapping into their individual powers, which include super strength, psychometry, and healing. 

The Uncanny Counter, starring Sejeong, airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 p.m.