Sayuri (left) and her son Zen / Photos: Ten Asia DB, Sayuri’s Instagram @sayuriakon13

Japanese-born Korean TV personality, Sayuri, has unveiled her son’s name and picture to the public. 


Sayuri posted her son’s photo to Instagram on the 31st, along with a description that read: “His name ‘Zen’ means my everything. He is my everything.”


Zen looks like he’s smiling in the photo as he looks into the camera. Although he’s only two months old, Zen already has distinct features. 


In the video that accompanies the picture, Sayuri can be seen affectionately stroking her baby boy’s head. 


Netizens who got their first look at Sayuri’s son left comments such as: “He looks just like his mom,” “Even his name is beautiful,” “His name really suits his doll-like face.”


Sayuri, who is a single mother, announced on November 4 that she had given birth after becoming pregnant by using a sperm bank in Japan. 


She then had everyone talking when she revealed that the sperm donor was a Westerner.  “I prioritized finding someone who was physically healthy and didn’t drink or smoke cigarettes. I was also looking for someone with a high EQ rather than a high IQ,” Sayuri explained. She then added, “I decided on a Western sperm donor because there aren’t a lot of Asian sperm donors.”