Photo: Lee Min Ho’s Instagram @actorleeminho

Actor Lee Min Ho hinted at a surprise collaboration with singer and actor Lee Seung Gi.


On January 5, Min Ho posted a video on Instagram without much of an explanation.


The clip shows a FaceTime call between Min Ho and Seung Gi. The two stars can be seen catching up with each other and looking like two close friends. 


“I saw that you started your YouTube channel, ‘leeminho film.’ I saw all of your clips, and I was thinking we should meet up and make videos together since my new album is out,” Seung Gi suggested to Min Ho. 


Min Ho then responded by saying he would “listen to the songs on [Seung Gi’s] album and get in touch with [him] before [they] meet up.” 

Photo: Lee Min Ho’s Instagram @actorleeminho

Actor Jung Il Woo, who saw the post, made onlookers chuckle by leaving a comment that said, “I’m on YouTube, too. Did you forget?”


The response from Netizens has been explosive. Some of the comments under the post said things like, “This is amazing,” “A collaboration between two of my favorites,” “Is this combination for real?” “Please let these two meet,” and “Whoa, these two are friends? That’s awesome… I had no idea!”


Fans of the two actors will undoubtedly be waiting anxiously to see if a collaboration really comes to fruition.