GOT7 / Photo: JYP Entertainment

Idol group GOT7’s journey with record label JYP Entertainment has come to an end. 


“While hoping for a new future for one another, we have mutually agreed to not proceed with a contract renewal,” JYPE announced on the 11th. 


The group’s members and the label came to the joint conclusion after engaging in in-depth discussions ahead of the expiration of GOT7’s exclusive contract on January 19. 


“Since their debut on January 16, 2014, GOT7 has been actively working in the industry as one of K-pop’s top global idol groups. We would like to thank GOT7, who has taken part in the growth of K-pop and JYP, as well as ‘I GOT7’ and all of the other fans who became the driving force behind GOT7’s projects and promotions by giving the group their unsparing support,” JYPE continued.


The label then went on to reveal, “Although this marks the end of our professional relationship, JYPE will be sincerely cheering on the futures of the GOT7 members.”