Park Bom / Photo: Instagram

Park Bom from 2NE1 recently gave everyone an update on her life.


Bom posted two pictures on Instagram on the 18th along with a description that read: “A picture taken during a photo shoot by my stylist, who said I looked pretty even without Photoshop.”


“My confidence has gone up after losing 11 kg. My physical condition is so much better too. I want to hurry up and have my comeback so I can meet my fans,” she added.


The posted images show Bom focusing on the photo shoot, as she shows off her slender figure and exceptional proportions. 

Park Bom / Photo: Instagram

Fans have been flocking to her post, leaving comments like, “We love you so much,” “This is amazing, you look so pretty,” “We miss you,” “It’s great to see how happy you’ve been looking lately,” and “I’m dying to see your comeback.”


Park Bom reportedly went down from 70 kg to 59 kg by following a diet regimen. In addition to looking like she did in the heyday of her career, Bom shared that she has been “taking less medication” for her ADHD, and has been “getting healthier.”