Mun Ka Young from ‘True Beauty’ / Photo: Keyeast Entertainment

Actress Mun Ka Young is expanding her presence as a rising Hallyu star. 


Good Data Corporation, which provides analytics on the most talked-about TV dramas and actors, reported that Mun Ka Young, who plays the main character on tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama True Beauty, came in at No. 1 on the list of the most buzzworthy actors for the second week of January. Soompi, one of the largest international Internet communities for Hallyu and K-pop, also recently covered the news and spotlighted the actress.


The rapid uptrend in Ka Young’s popularity can also be seen with the ever-growing number of Instagram followers that she has accumulated since True Beauty began airing. Now at over 4 million, Ka Young’s followers have quadrupled since the first episode of the hit drama. Even compared to other 20-something-year-old actresses in the country, her following is massive. The accomplishment is especially noteworthy considering that True Beauty is the first mainstream romantic drama that Ka Young has starred in as the lead actress.


Mun Ka Young has been drawing praise from viewers for her bubbly and lovable portrayal of her character Im Ju Kyung, a high-school student who overcomes her insecurities about her appearance through positivity. Thanks to her performance, True Beauty is the most-watched show in its time slot across all channels among viewers aged 20-49, and it also dominates trending lists on various portal sites.


The various looks and acting skills shown by Ka Young, who brought her character’s charm to life through special effects makeup, wire stunts, and relentless effort, have garnered applause from viewers both in and outside of Korea. Along with the actress’ enthusiastic performance during each episode, which delivers laughter and tears, her school fashion, daily looks, and beauty items have also become hot topics of conversation.


Based on one of South Korea’s top webtoons of the same name, which has achieved enormous success in over 100 regions including the US, Japan, France, and Southeast Asia, True Beauty has also become a global sensation and is doing its part to feed the K-drama craze. Clips of True Beauty have recorded hundreds of millions of views online, and according to reports, the show will also be broadcast in Japan. It appears that the popularity and impact of True Beauty will not be dying down anytime soon, even after the final episode airs. 


There are currently only four episodes of True Beauty left to air.